Friday, January 19, 2007

Fáilte romhaibh

Léigh é seo ar dtús - READ THIS FIRST!

Note: Leave a complimentary comment about one of your classmates' projects - NOT about the program! You've done that already.

Click on 'comments', then select 'anonymous', not 'Gmail user'

Use the 'TEANGA' section (see the list on the right') to help you with words & phrases e.g. "Is é mo thuairim ... Ceapaim ... Is é seo an ceann is fearr... "

Remember to sign your name

OK lads, you've made it this far. So far, you've (1) watched TG4's programme on the top 10 programmes, maith shibhse. (2) You've made a list of the programmes, and ordered them according to your group's preference. (3) You discussed this in your groups, and then wrote about the discussion for homework, using the new words and phrases (see the Teanga section of this website). (4) Then, you looked for information on the programmes on this website, as well as info from other websites (nascanna). The closcríbhneoir in your group designed your project and then emailed it.

Cliceáil ar na nascanna ar dheis, agus ansin ar na híomhánna chun na tionscnaimh a léamh.

After you've read them, leave a complimentary comment (Cén fáth go raibh an tionscnamh go maith? Cén fáth gur thaitin sé leat?)

Closcríbhneoirí - aimsigh 10 athrú a rinne mé ar na tionscnaimh (find 10 changes I made to the projects - gramadach, focail ...)

Mar fhocal deiridh, maith shibhse. Bhí na tionscnaimh thar cionn; bhíos an-sásta. ML